Meet the Dream Team

Vacation Rentals In Paradise is a small team who specialize in creating a customized, relaxing stay for each guest. It's our goal to pamper you in our unique boutique condos while you enjoy Fort Myers Beach. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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Cindy and Larry created Vacation Rentals In Paradise LLC in 2010. Cindy's love for travel, especially to beach locations, has added to the fun of perfecting the beach holiday. Cindy has four children, four step children and nine grandchildren! She definately knows how to mulit-task! Cindy is in love with the beach, active in the community, adores reading and (of course) the Indianapolis Colts! Stop into the office and say hello!

Fort Myers Beach Hotels



Larry is the expert on beach activity! If you need recomendations on what to do during your stay, he will have some ideas! He is also in charge of repairs and updates on all condos. If you miss him in the office, he might be on his motorcycle or fishing. Knowing him, he'll probably ask you to come along!

Fort Myers Beach Hotels



Kat moved to Florida in 2009. She's been with Bay to Beach for nine years: through several condo updates, company expansions and a few management changes! Kat and her husband Nic are the proud parents of two dogs ("the girls") and a cat. Kat supports Nic's love of hockey and Nic supports Kat's love for all things that glitter.